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Our Team

The team is just me. Hopefully someday I'll be able to hire someone.
Levi F. BarberFounder - Designer - Unpaid CEO (

Levi F. Barber

Founder - Designer - Unpaid CEO (

Levi Barber is not a full time app creator.  He just does it for a hobby and a break from his full time job.  Accountable Budget app is the 3rd app that Levi has created and is becoming his most successful.  Levi has a wife and four kids.  He enjoys playing the piano and mowing his lawn.  His favorite app is currently Social Chess.  He feels that he is addicted to it and is looking at getting a counselor to break his addiction.

Mortgage/Rent $2500
Food & Clothing $400
Gas & Transportation $450
Entertainment $360
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Are all of the Budget Functions Free?

100% Yes.

Is it available on IOS and Google Play?

100% Yes.

Is it your favorite personal Budget app?

100% Yes.  But this is of course a self serving statement.

How do I make money on the Accountable app?

I don’t.  I lose money.